The Important Applications of Medi-Ray’s Lead Counterweights

Lead counterweight

Medi-Ray counterweights are necessary for many types of equipment. They may be as simple as steel plates or designed with complex geometrics. When you are designing a product that will need counterweights, there are many factors to consider. These factors include how much you will need, whether the counterweights will be freestanding or inside a compartment, how much space you have to work with, etc. Counterweights can be made of steel or lead, depending upon the application. If they are manufactured using lead, the lead can be coated with powder or painted for safe handling. Some applications for counterweights include medical equipment, aerospace, bridges, forklifts, cranes, elevator weights and sonar weights. Below are only a few examples of other applications for counterweights:

  • The famous leaning tower of Pisa in Italy uses counterweights to ensure that the building does not continue to lean and eventually fall.
  • On a construction site, elevators use counterweights to balance the load of the elevator car.
  • A crane is a mechanism that balances the load it is carrying with a lead counterweight by utilizing a horizontal boom across the top of the tower.
  • A bascule bridge is moveable due to a counterweight that continuously balances the span when it swings upward to allow for boat traffic.
  • Crankshafts in piston engines use counterweights to reduce vibrations.
  • Desk lamps use counterweights to keep the lamp in the appropriate position.
  • A metronome has an adjustable spring mechanism that allows the speed to increase or decrease by using counterweights.
  • Amusement park rides use counterweights to ensure the safety of their riders.

Medi-Ray provides customized counterweights that have been developed specifically for scientific laboratory applications, as well as the automotive, marine, environmental and construction industries. Our quality control testing and inspections are second to none and we guarantee consistent unit weights. Our specialty lead alloys guarantee durability and functionality. Medi-Ray’s quality control personnel certify every shipment.

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