The Important Applications of Medi-Ray’s Lead Counterweights

Lead counterweight

Medi-Ray counterweights are necessary for many types of equipment. They may be as simple as steel plates or designed with complex geometrics. When you are designing a product that will need counterweights, there are many factors to consider. These factors include how much you will need, whether the counterweights will be freestanding or inside a compartment, how much space you have to work with, etc. Counterweights can be made of steel or lead, depending upon the application. If they are manufactured using lead, the lead can be coated with powder or painted for safe handling. Some applications for counterweights include medical equipment, aerospace, bridges, forklifts, cranes, elevator weights and sonar weights. Below are only a few examples of other applications for counterweights:

  • The famous leaning tower of Pisa in Italy uses counterweights to ensure that the building does not continue to lean and eventually fall.
  • On a construction site, elevators use counterweights to balance the load of the elevator car.
  • A crane is a mechanism that balances the load it is carrying with a lead counterweight by utilizing a horizontal boom across the top of the tower.
  • A bascule bridge is moveable due to a counterweight that continuously balances the span when it swings upward to allow for boat traffic.
  • Crankshafts in piston engines use counterweights to reduce vibrations.
  • Desk lamps use counterweights to keep the lamp in the appropriate position.
  • A metronome has an adjustable spring mechanism that allows the speed to increase or decrease by using counterweights.
  • Amusement park rides use counterweights to ensure the safety of their riders.

Medi-Ray provides customized counterweights that have been developed specifically for scientific laboratory applications, as well as the automotive, marine, environmental and construction industries. Our quality control testing and inspections are second to none and we guarantee consistent unit weights. Our specialty lead alloys guarantee durability and functionality. Medi-Ray’s quality control personnel certify every shipment.

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Counterweights are required in many types of equipment to allow the system to work properly. They can be simple steel plates or can be designed with complex geometrics because of the compartments in which they need to be placed. There are many factors that need to be considered when you are designing a product that requires counterweights.

  • How much counterweight will you need?
  • Is the counterweight going to be a freestanding part or will it be inside a compartment as one assembly?
  • How much space does the application have?
  • Are there benefits to reduce the space or size of the counterweight?
  • What are the mechanical properties needed of the counterweight and what environment is it going into?
  • Are there benefits to add more weight to the counterweight compartment?
  • Will the counterweight(s) need to be removed or will trim balancing be needed?

Counterweight Options

There are many options for counterweight designs in geometry and material. Although steel is a good option, in many instances it alone cannot attain the goals, so other metals such as lead must be used. Lead is 31% more dense than steel.

Lead Counterweights- A Good Option

Since lead melts at a relatively low temperature, it allows for steel shells or other components to be filled. It can also be cast into shapes that allow it to be poured into a tool providing a lead weight that can be installed into a specific geometry. Lead counterweights can be powder coated or painted to cover the lead for handling purposes.

Counterweight Applications

Counterweights are used in:

  • Medical equipment
  • Bridge counterweights
  • Aerospace
  • Rotating products
  • Industrial applications
  • Fork Trucks & Lifts
  • Bridge Weights
  • Elevator Weights
  • Sonar Weights

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Medi-Ray™ is a well known supplier of steel and lead counterweights. We have developed custom counterweights for automotive, marine, environmental equipment, construction equipment, scientific laboratory applications and for recreational use.


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Medi-RayTM provides lead counterweights with guaranteed functionality and durability. Lead counterweights may be used in the automotive industry, marine industry, along with environmental equipment, construction equipment and scientific laboratories.


Application of Lead Counterweights

Medi-RayTM provides lead counterweights with guaranteed functionality and durability. Lead counterweights work in several applications, such as, automotive, marine, environmental equipment, construction equipment and scientific laboratory applications.

Applications of Lead Counterweights

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Aeronautical Lead Counterweights

Counterweights come in many different sizes, shapes, and materials, and in accordance, are used for many different things. However, the most important need for a counterweight is to create a sense of balance. In terms of Aeronautical Counterweights, their use is to keep airplane pilots from over exhausting their aircrafts.

counterweightsAeronautics is the science involved with the study, design, and manufacturing of air flight capable machines, or the techniques of operating aircraft and rocketry within the atmosphere. Counterweights used in this regard, are also known as bob weights. Their main purpose is to change the amount of control force required to deflect an airplane’s control column. This process is dependent on the factor of air speed.


By installing lead counterweights into aircrafts, aeronautical engineers can make it more difficult to pull on the control column as g-force increases. G-force is the force to which a body is subjected when accelerated. The installation of lead counterweights in aircrafts is an important safety procedure, as it ensures that a pilot will not overstress his aircraft.

Medi-RayTM‘s skilled team of craftsmen pride themselves on the production of such counterweights, as well as many others with a wide range of sizes, material types, and uses.