Video: Myths About Radiation

There are some common myths about the dangers and risks of radiation. Some believe that radiation treatments cause cancer. In reality, the chance developing cancer from radiation treatments is extremely small. This video presents an overview of some common myths and the reality concerning radiation. Medi-Ray has had decades of experience in providing exterior plastic encasements for lead packaging in a variety of shapes and sizes. We are the largest supplier of radio-pharmaceutical shipping containers. To find out more, call 877-898-3003 or 914-979-2740 or email


Video: The Qualities of a Prototype

The goal of having a prototype is to test a product idea before spending time and money on the final product. A prototype has four basic qualities: representation, precision, interactivity and evolution. Medi-Ray produces prototypes based on a customer’s design with refinements by Medi-Ray’s design personnel. For additional information, call 877-898-3003 or 914-979-2740 or email


Plastic Encased Lead Packaging

Medi-Ray provides exterior plastic encasements for lead packaging in numerous shapes and sizes and with a wide variety of plastic encasements. We have been the largest supplier of radio-pharmaceutical shipping containers since 1974. Contact us today for a comprehensive line of plastic encased lead packaging shipping containers. Call 877-898-3003 or 914-979-2740 or email


Medi-Ray’s Coated Lead Packaging

Medi-Ray’s coated lead containers have interlocking lid and base designs and come equipped with bottle sponges and desiccant liners. Our proprietary coatings guarantee adhesion with no cracking or chipping. Our containers can be coated in any PMS referenced color to provide product and brand recognition. If you need coated lead packaging containers, contact us today. Call 877-898-3003 or email us at


The Importance of Lead Lined Products | Medi-RayTM

From medical to industrial situations, there is a dire need for the application of lead lined products for radiation shielding. This video shows the importance of lead lined products. To know more, call 877-898-3003 or fax at 914-337-4620. You can also send mails at


Video: Interlocking Lead Bricks for Radiation Shielding

Interlocking lead bricks offer the best protection from harmful radiation. Interlocking brick configuration can be altered and custom designed. Medi-RayTM developed a revolutionary interlocking design for lead bricks. Contact Medi-RayTM for high quality interlocking bricks at 877-898-3003.


Video: Nuclear Medicine Shielding Accessories for Radiation Safety

Medi-Ray™ has been the largest supplier of nuclear medicine shielding accessories since 1974. Medi-Ray ™ has combined antimonial lead, tungsten, leaded glass, along with a variety of other metals and specialized coatings to create a diverse line of nuclear medicine shielding accessories. Medi-Ray™ equips effective and specialized dose calibrators with additional shielding to adequately protect the laboratory clinicians. Medi-Ray™ designs a boiling bath apparatus to fulfill a critical stage in their client’s radiopharmaceutical production process.