Lead Bricks

Lead bricks and interlocking lead bricks are be used for adding extra shielding to existing rooms. The Lead bricks produced by Medi-RayTM feature non-porous surfaces, which are clean and smooth. Our bricks are also brightly painted creating a wall which is safe and pleasant to the eye.

Other uses for lead bricks include nuclear shielding, radioactive material shipping containers, ballast weight, and glove boxes. Medi-RayTM prides itself in meeting unique client specifications and requirements in the construction of lead bricks and interlocking lead bricks.

Lead bricks

Interlocking lead bricks are used in applications where the highest protection level of shielding is needed from Gamma, Beta and X-ray radiation. Interlocking lead bricks can be easily assembled, modified, deconstructed and relocated in various situations where protective cells and wall systems are required. We can also design these using specific customer applications.

An advantage to interlocking lead bricks is their ability to prevent the leakage of radiation through spaces which are generally found in straight lead bricks. In addition, the interconnecting feature of interlocking lead bricks results in a sturdier and more stable wall system, ensuring that the wall created is firm and strong.

Medi-RayTM has lead bricks and interlocking lead bricks available in a wide range of dimensions and weights for every customer’s requirements and specifications. Along with lead brick and interlocking lead brick capabilities, Medi-RayTM has many other custom services available.