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From its beginning, Medi-Ray has been devoted to innovation in lead metal technology and is the leader in radio-pharmaceutical containers. The focus of our packaging engineers and radiation physicists is essentially on solidity and porosity-free castings. Our staff assist our customers with the perfect radio-pharmaceutical container design and our quality assurance procedures and on-time delivery performance is second to none.

We are committed to developing our custom products at the standard pricing level. Our design staff helps customers with computer-aided design (CAD) prints and alternative design choices to reduce product weight, improve handling ergonomics and safety and decrease shipping costs. We utilize proprietary technical advancements in casting methods, air purification, metal alloy refinement and we concentrate on making sure that Medi-Ray has the most environmentally friendly facilities and operations. We continue to afford our customers, our community and future generations lead casting products that maximize the safety of our environment while ensuring that our pricing is the most competitive on the market.

Many qualities set Medi-Ray apart from other companies. We combine our metallurgical expertise with radiation physics to produce the safest radiation protection products and services. Our consulting services offer professional training and guidance to personnel involved in the practical applications of radioisotopes, diagnostic radiology and therapeutic radiology. We have been awarded several medical packaging awards for our contribution to the safe transport and clinical handling of radiopharmaceuticals. In June 1993, we were awarded the highest form of supplier recognition for our pursuit of the highest quality and services over the years.

Our staff is comprised of leading professionals in metallurgy, radiation physics and environmental engineering, making our lead products compatible with the current metallurgical and radiation shielding requirements. We also paint our containers, giving our products a smooth and attractive finish. We pride ourselves in being able to efficiently complete every order on time – small or large, from fishing lures to giant aeronautical and marine counterweights.

Whether shielding radioactive material used in nuclear medicine, radiation therapy, or gamma radiation inspection units, Medi-Ray is the best choice for your needs. All of our products and services meet the highest standards and are compatible with the current metallurgical and radiation shielding requirements. Medi-Ray is located at 150 Marbledale Road in Tuckahoe, New York. Call us toll-free at 877-898-3003 or 914-979-2740. You can also email If you would like additional information, please visit our website. We are committed to offering the highest quality service to all our customers.


Slide: Sheet Lead Shielding from Medi-Ray

Medi-Ray produces a wide range of lead materials in sheet form for shielding nuclear medicine facilities and X-Ray rooms. Our sheet lead shielding materials are thin antimonial lead foils. They adapt well to thin contoured applications such as electrical shielding. If you need sheet lead products, contact us today. We can meet all your sheet lead shielding needs. Call 877-898-3003 or 914-979-2740 or email

Sheet Lead Shielding

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Medical Isotope Generators Are Essential for Nuclear Medicine Market

In the nuclear medicine market medical isotope generators are used to produce many regular used imaging isotopes. Gallium-68 and Technetium-99 generators are extremely radioactive and need to provide shielding, which is generally composed of either lead or tungsten. Without proper shielding these radioactive generators cannot be shipped or used in their applications.

Which Metals Are The Best Shielding Solutions

Radioactive generators require shielding, which is usually composed of either lead, tungsten or a combination of both metals to provide the best shielding solutions.

Tungsten, Lead or a Combination?

  • Density wise, tungsten has a higher density than lead. Lead has a density of 11.34 g/cc; tungsten has a density of 17.3 g/cc.
  • The cost of tungsten is around 25 times the price of lead because of the material difference and the processing needed.
  • Tungsten is a tougher shield than lead.
  • A hybrid or a combination of both the metals along with some other materials is the best option, as they prove to be more functional and produce cost effective results.

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If you are in need of a shielding container or generator shield for nuclear medicine material and are looking for quality shielding of medical isotope generators, call Mediray, Inc at 877-898-3003/914-979-2740 or




Counterweights are required in many types of equipment to allow the system to work properly. They can be simple steel plates or can be designed with complex geometrics because of the compartments in which they need to be placed. There are many factors that need to be considered when you are designing a product that requires counterweights.

  • How much counterweight will you need?
  • Is the counterweight going to be a freestanding part or will it be inside a compartment as one assembly?
  • How much space does the application have?
  • Are there benefits to reduce the space or size of the counterweight?
  • What are the mechanical properties needed of the counterweight and what environment is it going into?
  • Are there benefits to add more weight to the counterweight compartment?
  • Will the counterweight(s) need to be removed or will trim balancing be needed?

Counterweight Options

There are many options for counterweight designs in geometry and material. Although steel is a good option, in many instances it alone cannot attain the goals, so other metals such as lead must be used. Lead is 31% more dense than steel.

Lead Counterweights- A Good Option

Since lead melts at a relatively low temperature, it allows for steel shells or other components to be filled. It can also be cast into shapes that allow it to be poured into a tool providing a lead weight that can be installed into a specific geometry. Lead counterweights can be powder coated or painted to cover the lead for handling purposes.

Counterweight Applications

Counterweights are used in:

  • Medical equipment
  • Bridge counterweights
  • Aerospace
  • Rotating products
  • Industrial applications
  • Fork Trucks & Lifts
  • Bridge Weights
  • Elevator Weights
  • Sonar Weights

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Mediray is the leading supplier of counterweights. If you would like to order counterweights from Mediray, call us at 877-898-3003/914-979-2740 or email: